Jul 24, 2015

US Open Champions to Get Record $50 Million in 2016

US Open Live Streaming champions to get record $50 million in 2016 : The US Open Men's and ladies' singles champions will get a record $50 million in prize cash this year, a 10 for each penny help from a year ago, the US Tennis Association reported on Tuesday.

US Open 2016 Live Streaming

The Richest prizes in the game will be a piece of a record $42.3 million aggregate handbag, which bounced 10.5 for each penny from 2014. Runner-ups will take home $1.6 million each with each player who makes the New York fundamental draws of 128 guaranteed at any rate $39,500.

US Open Live Streaming Marin Cilic
Wimbledon champions Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams every won what might as well be called $2.9 million last weekend while the current year's Australian Open victors each made $2.5 million and the French Open champions each took $2 million.

US Open 2016 Live Stream

Altogether, US Open prize cash has expanded by 67 for every penny in the course of recent years. 

Serena Williams could gain $50 million dollars in addition to additional bonuses on the off chance that she can finish the logbook Grand Slam at the 2016 US Open.

2014 US Open champion Marin Cilic will win $50 million if he can retain his title.

"We proceed with our dedication to guarantee that the US Open offers a standout amongst the most lucrative totes in all of games," USTA president Katrina Adams said. "As we have expressed, all out player pay at the US Open will reach $50 million by 2017." 

US Open Live Streaming 2016

Players can likewise support their take on the off chance that they gain bonus cash taking into account their outcomes at select warm-up competitions for the Flushing Meadows confrontation that starts August 29 live on Sky Sports, additional stores that could take the aggregate satchel to $44.6 million if certain players win the crowns. 

A year ago, shielding champion Williams - who possesses each of the four Grand Slam titles for the second time in her vocation - took $4 million for her US Open title on account of a $1 million bonus based upon her outcomes in order up competitions.

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