Jun 14, 2015

US Open Tennis 2015 : In History About

US Open Tennis 2015 : Тhе 2016 US Open іs а Tennis Tournament рlауеd оn outside hаrd courts. Іt wіll bе thе 135th vеrsіоn оf thе UЅ Ореn Tennis, thе fоurth аnd fіnаl Grand Ѕlаm еvеnt оf thе уеаr. Іt wіll оссur аt thе UЅТА Віllіе Јеаn King Νаtіоnаl Tennis Center.

US Open Tennis 1881
Маrіn Čіlіć іs thе defending сhаmріоn іn thе mеn's event, whіlе Ѕеrеnа Wіllіаms іs thе thrее-tіmе defending сhаmріоn іn thе wоmеn's event.

US Open Tennis 2015

The tournament is an occasion keep running by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and is a piece of the 2015 ATP World Tour and the 2015 WTA Tour calendars under the Grand Slam category. The tournament will consist of both men's and women's singles and doubles draws as well as a blended doubles occasion. There will be singles and doubles events for both boys and girls (players under 18), which is a piece of the Grade A category of tournaments, and singles, doubles and quad events for men's and women's wheelchair tennis players as a major aspect of the NEC visit under the Grand Slam category. 

United States Open Tennis Championships

The tournament will be played on hard courts and will happen more than a series of 17 courts with DecoTurf surface, including the three principle showcourts, Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium and Grandstand.

US Open Tennis 2015
The US Open Tennis 2015 is the main real that employs tiebreakers in every set of a match. On the off chance that a match reaches a 6-6 tie in the last set (third set for women, fifth set for men) at the Australian Open, the French Open, or Wimbledon, the match continues until one player wins by two games. The sets played before the last set always utilize tiebreakers. 

US Open Tennis 2015 Live - West Side Tennis Club

In 1978 the tournament moved from the West Side Tennis Club, Forest Hills, Queens to the bigger USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, Queens, in the process switching the surface from clay, used in the last three years at Forest Hills, to hard courts. Jimmy Connors is the main individual to have won US Open singles titles on every one of the three surfaces (grass, clay, hardcourt), while Chris Evert is the main lady to win on two surfaces (clay, hardcourt).

In 2006, the US Open tennis presented instant replay reviews of calls, using the Hawk-Eye PC system sponsored by Chase. As per numerous experts, the system was implemented because of a very controversial quarterfinal match at the 2004 US Open between Serena Williams and Jennifer Capriati, where numerous vital line calls conflicted with Williams.Each player is permitted three challenges for every set plus one extra test amid a tiebreak. The player keeps every existing test if the test is successful. On the off chance that the test is unsuccessful and the first managing is maintained, the player loses a test. Instant replay was at first accessible just on the stadium courts (Ashe and Armstrong), until 2009 when it got to be accessible on the Grandstand as well.

In 2005, all US Open and US Open Series, tennis courts were given blue internal courts to make it easier to see the ball on television; the external courts remained green.

Amid the 2006 US Open, the complex was renamed the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center out of appreciation for four-time tournament champion and women's tennis pioneer Billie Jean King.
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